Fedora Technical Seminar F18 University of Rajarata Sri Lanaka (Event Report)

Ok folks I would say we had a 100/100 event!

The nice thing is we had this TWITTERHOLIC competition this time and that credit should go to many of the people from the Junior batches in the University who put an amazing effort to get it a success. I’ll tell you more about this nice competition later :)

First of all, I need to say that there was a small change in the planned agenda because of the unfortunate absence of Lali the fact that he got a new job :( But we managed to take over his talk and Buddhike took care of it.

Here here is the details of lined-up talks,

Fist we started with Buddike’s nice introduction about FOSS world, Linux and Fedora. He explained about practical usage of Linux from his own ideas and also through a nice video from linux.org

Then came the Virutalizaion Talk and Demo of Hasitha’s. He done a nice job by putting the type of Hypervisors and their advantages together with his own experience in the industry deployments. Although it was kinda tech-hevay talk and demo, newbies faces who were fairly new to Linux seems really enthused.

Again it was the time to Hasitha to show the proper installation of dualboot in a PC using a VM. As usual, it was very interesting.

The refreshments were distributed among all the students & guests participated within the transit of talks between Hasitha’s and mine.

I stared with the LVM talk and raise the initial values of using a LVM parted system and eventually came in to the LVM demonstration. From the tweets of the audience, I expect my talks also was quite interesting :P

After my talk, Buddhike jump back in to the stage again and started his talk about the GSoC with Fedora and Java dev in Fedora. Seems to me, the GSoC component of the talk made quite an impact on the audience and most of them been inspired by that talk to apply next year GSoC with fedora or some other OSP.

Okay, the last talk of the event was my boring ARM session :D . But I hope I managed to explain the Fedora and ARM relation in a much simpler way than the wiki page and there were many after-session questions regarding the Fedora ARM.

Before winding up the event we had this grate item of presenting the winner of the TWITTERHOLIC competition of the twitter handle owner who tweeted most using #F18RUSL hashtag and the winner was @rkvisit.

The other cool thing about this event was that we’ve been able to run a nice Fedora booth with a Raspberry pi (runs on pidora) and an OLPC. Also there we kept the media and SWAGs for audience to collect.

There were lot of participants from other universities like University of Wayamba, University of Jaffna, etc.

From here you can find lot of nice moments of the event captured in the camera lens.

So that was quite something. I personally feel really glad about it. ;)

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